Sales Tools


Your sales team can only work if the data they receive is accurate, up-to-date and manageable. TilBoard™ centralizes, classifies and distributes all documents and data to your salesforce on the field , in real time.

All documents are available to your sales rep when connected and in disconnected mode : they are no longer dependent on an available 4G/wifi connection. Informations from the sales rep are automatically uploaded to your headquarters. With TilBoard™, all data is always accurate and automatically synchronised on your sales rep devices: you work quicker and better with an instant access to the correct documents and information.

A true digital sales pitch book, TilBoard™ has been specifically designed to optimize your sales potential and gives your mobile salesforce an intuitive and user friendly experience that will boost its efficiency.

Discover Tilboard in less than 2 minutes

  • Fully Manageable App

    TilBoard™ allows you to manage the whole structure and organization of the sales pitch book

  • Integration with your CRM (Salesforce, Coheris, Klee…)

    Do not multiply tools for your sales force: with the CRM integration, you increase the value of your data and raise your sales performance

  • Personalized interface

    Your salesforce is equipped with a 100% adapted tool: graphic design and interfaces are yours

  • The Smart Sales Pitch Book

    Automated synchronization, complete data always organized, up-to-date and available at the fingertip for your mobile salesforce

  • Multidevice: iOS, Android, Windows

    Our salesforce apps are available for all environments and devices: PC, iOS, Windows Phone, Android and adapt naturally to the tools your sales rep are used to

  • Works even when disconnected

    No more waiting for a connection or dependent on a loosy wifi: your mobile salesforce has access to the needed information anywhere, anywhen

Boost the relations between headquarters, field sales forces and clients

Information flow and management between the data producing directions (marketing, sales, HR…) and the sales rep on the field must be optimal.
TilBoard™ manages, classifies, distributes and allows a quick access and usage of all documents from every departments.

Increased commercial performance

Your sales reps spend at least 30 minutes a day on administrative tasks like cheking emails, organizing documents, instead of selling. TilBoard™ automatically manages most of these tasks according to the Sales Director’s choices. On one year, this automation frees at least 2 weeks per sales rep. It’s 2 years of productivity for a 50 reps sales team!


Besides its standard features, TilBoard™ offers you a wide choice of additional modules, conceived and developed during the last 18 years, to face specifical needs pointed out by our clients. You can pick any or all of the features you need, in order to perfectly adapt your tool to your professionnal and financial constraints.

  • Integration of local documents
  • Full virtual desk for your salesforce
  • Survey tool
  • Logistical interface / placing order
  • Sales potential calculator